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Doesn't Work

I purchased the Powerbrow Styling Wax, and it did not work. First of all, the tube did not turn correctly, so the pen/wax did not come out. Additionally, the stuff just simply did not work. I tried to contact customer support, and they do not exist. After multiple emails sent and numerous chats started, no one ever responded to me.

Don't waste your time and money on this.

Great product

Nice texture and lovely packaging!


Love this collection for day to night wear! I'm obsessed 😍

Love it!

I am satisfied with my purchase. Saw this in Vogue and had to have it!

Beauté Sponge
Reyna Kelly

Amazing product would recommend to everyone

Beauté Sponge
Masie Grimes
Love it!

It's very good, I liked it very much

Beauté Sponge
Daphne Williamson

Very soft sponge I'm in love

Came really quickly and super pleased with this brow balm!

Beautiful lashes and nice packaging. Came pretty quick!

I loved it, doesn't leave my brows crunchy or stiff like other products :)

Beauté Sponge
Bella Buckridge

Came SUPER quick and is very cute!!!

Powerbrow Mini Styling Wax
Maddison Keebler

I love it, it works great and the amount is pretty good.

Beauté Sponge
Abby Pollich

Size did double when wet.

Beauté Sponge
Yessenia Wintheiser

Love them so soft

Very pleased!

I love it, leaves the eyebrows very combed, I totally loved it!

Pretty Eyes Set
Brianna Turner

easy to use and lashes are made with silk so they're super soft and light! Love love love

Pretty Eyes Set
Rachel Goodwin

Eyelashes are very easy to stick on and remove. The effect is the same as lash extensions - look so natural. I will order again. Thank you!

Arrived in less than a week and I can't recommend this brow product enough. It keeps brows in place without feeling crunchy

Beauté Sponge
Natalie Jaskolski
Love it!

Amazing! Super squishy and soft

Beauté Sponge
Lurline Schuster

Soft sponges and arrived super quick! Thank you

Beauté Sponge
Gisselle Lesch

Beautiful high quality sponges!!!

So excited to try this! Love the packaging & we'll see how it goes!

In The Moment Lashes
Samira Hegmann

Great short length lashes! Exactly my style

Powerbrow Styling Wax
Rebekah Kaysen
Definitely a big fan and love the ingredients. Bought more to stock up!

I have very similar eyebrows to the models shown in the images and I LOVE how it looks when I first put it on. Also loving the ingredients that support hair growth (Vit E and castor oil) whilst wearing it. Personally though, I can't get my brow hairs to "stay up". I can tell the product is still there but my brows lay back down normally after 20 or so minutes... It may be user error. I brush my brows up, wet the stick with some water, remove excess water, then apply how they do in the videos. I've tried brushing after and laying them up with the spoolie handle or sans brushing, still the same thing. I still do adore this product though and highly recommend!

i’m literally never buying other glue ever again. This eyeliner really is a 2-in-1